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UGI Corporation

UGI Corporation is a holding company that, through subsidiaries, distributes, stores, transports and markets energy products and related services. We are a US and European retail distributor of propane and butane (which are liquefied petroleum gases (“LPG”)); a provider of natural gas and electric service through regulated local distribution utilities; a generator of electricity; a regional marketer of energy commodities; an owner and manager of midstream assets; and a regional provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical contracting services.

UGI has a rich 130-year history as an organization, having thrived through various business cycles, the Great Depression, World Wars and major divestment of assets following the public Utility Holding Company act of 1935.

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UGI International

UGI International primarily serves the LPG markets of 16 Western and Central European countries, operating under five distinct brands: AvantiGas (UK), Antargaz (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands), Flaga (Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania), Kosan Gas (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) and AmeriGas Polska (Poland).

Antargaz is one of the largest LPG distributors in France and the Netherlands and the largest LPG distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg. Antargaz’ customer base consists of residential, commercial, agricultural and motor fuel customer accounts that use LPG for space heating, cooking, water heating, process heat and transportation. Antargaz sells LPG in cylinders, and in small, medium and large tanks. Sales of LPG are also made to service stations to accommodate vehicles that run on LPG. Antargaz sells LPG in cylinders to approximately 16,000 retail outlets, such as supermarkets, individually owned stores and gas stations. Antargaz also engages in wholesale sales of LPG and provides logistic, storage and other services to third-party LPG distributors. In addition, Antargaz operates a natural gas marketing business in France and the Benelux countries that services both commercial and residential customers.

The Flaga Group serves customers in eleven Central, Northern and Eastern European countries that use LPG for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, resale, and automobile fuel (“autogas”) purposes. Flaga’s customers primarily use LPG for heating, cooking, motor fuel (including forklifts), leisure activities, construction work, manufacturing, crop drying, power generation and irrigation. Flaga sells LPG in cylinders and in small, medium, and large bulk tanks.

AvantiGas serves customers in the UK that use LPG for wholesale, aerosol, agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, and auto gas purposes. AvantiGas’ customers primarily use LPG for heating, cooking, motor fuel (including forklifts), leisure activities, industrial processes and aerosol propellant. AvantiGas sells LPG in small, medium, and large bulk tanks.