Benefits of LPG

LPG – Safe, clean, efficient


Clean energy

LPG burns residue free, does not produce smoke, poisonous gases or suspended solids. LPG does not endanger ground water or soil, is absolutely non-toxic and can be used in water protection areas. 


LPG tanks are placed either underground or in remote areas of your backyard, hence saving space. A tank can be filled within a distance of 80 meters from the road. You don’t need a separate tank or heating room inside your house.

LPG - the perfect energy partner

You can easily combine innovative LPG heating systems with heating pumps, solar panels and stoves and take advantage of each energy source’s benefits. LPG as a clean and ready to use energy source can be turned on in seconds, supporting the economic use of your energy portfolio (especially in transition periods). If any of your energy sources ever breaks down, LPG serves as the perfect back-up energy.


Become independent of the grid! No need for a connection to the natural gas grid, therefore saving expensive connection and setup fees.


LPG is the perfect allrounder. With LPG you can heat, cook, barbecue, light, cool or even produce electricity- everything without being connected to the gas or electricity grid. Additionally, LPG has a high calorific value with immediate heating effect due to the short heat-up phase of gas burners and boilers.